I would recommend Kleidon's At Your Serve Us to anyone who wants to make sure the job will be done...

- Rose Domingo-Retired School Teacher

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Our Clients

April Lin Walsh Attorney At Law, Bernie C Vallejo Jr Insurance Agency, Bk's Courier and Process Service, City of San Jose-Police Department-Subpoena Services...

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Welcome to Kleidon's at Your Serve Us

Process Service....   Court Filing....   Investigations....   Surveillance

Located in San Jose/Silicon Valley California, Kleidon's At Your Serve Us is a Full Service Agency that provides a large array of Services, including, Process Service, Rush Serves (24 hrs), 3 day service Court Filing, Investigations, and Surveillance

About Kleidon's At Your Serve Us Process Servers....

Kleidons at Your Serve UsKleidon's At Your Serve Us Process Servers care enough to efficiently handle ALL of your process serving needs, and care about EVERY serve.

We serve the entire state of California (Out of State depending on location) We offer our clients high quality service that is RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE.

Rush service?   Same-day service?   Deadlines?No Problem!

Questions?? Feel free to call or email us any time as it is our pleasure to serve you!

Why Kleidon's At Your Serve Us Process Servers are different:

We pride ourselves on being one of the best in our industry... We offer our clients:

  • Flat, competitive rates
  • Timely action
  • Prompt status updates
  • Proof of Service Forms- served & mailed within 24 hours of service.
  • Our availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • An experienced & friendly staff who stay current with applicable state laws.

"Day or night, we serve it right"...Our job is to make YOUR job easier