I would recommend Kleidon's At Your Serve Us to anyone who wants to make sure the job will be done. Mr. Kleidon treats each client like they are family. They charge fair prices for senior citizens


-Rose Domingo - retired school teacher


When I called Kleidon's At Your Serve Us they returned my call right away and were able to do a last minute serve for me. They were warm and friendly and were able to get my serve done on the same day. I recommend them to anybody who needs someone they can trust.


-Lawrence Monterrosa - real estate agent


I was worried that I would not be able to serve my papers on time for my court date, and Kleidon's At Your Serve Us came to the rescue and got them there on time. It was a relief to know that someone could help me out on time.


Frankie Gomez - mother of two


Kleidon's At Your Serve Us has the best prices and genuinely cares about getting the job done. They called me the minute the serve was delivered and filed my papers within 24 hrs. I have hired them several times, and every time I was pleased with their service.


Diana Reynolds - county employee social services